Ginga e kickoff
Vital statistics
JP Name Unknown
Gender Male
Position Coach
Number None
Seiyuu Sakamaki Manabu
Debut Episode 30
This man is the coach of New Tokyo FC Amarillo


He is a very conserved and calculating coach. He looks into the statistics of players quite often. However he is somewhat over-reliant on the his statistics. He would rather his team sit back and defend rather than them attack as seen by his orders in episode 33.


He has brown hair and wears brownish red glasses. He wears a white and blueshirt and navy trousers.


Future Cup

He was seen shaking hands with Hanashima Masaru before the match versus the Momoyama Predators and New Tokyo FC Amarillo in the finals of the future cup. During the game he noted the strengths and weaknesses of each of the Predators players by looking through his stats book. When the game went into extra time he told his team to sit back and defend as they were no penalty shoot out in the future cup and that both teams would win, so they would retain their titles as kings. When the Predators equalised he like the rest of the Amarillo players saw how much fun soccer was and dropped his stats book and told his team to move forward and attack.

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