• Emy443

    furuya 's

    January 9, 2016 by Emy443

    for every body who love the furuya tel us what is the thing you love most  in the charectar

    for exampel i love ouzou furuya the most thing i love in him that his funny and silly and i love his hair and you guys tell us

    which one of the furuya 's  you love most  

    : )

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  • Arghina


    November 3, 2014 by Arghina

    Born in Bandung , Indonesia 24 November 2004

    My Favourite Player is Shou , Erika , Furuya Kota

    I Like Anime

    My Favourite Team is Momoyama Predators

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  • Neko31

    Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm Neko31 and I would like to know who's your most favorite character and why. I would really appreciate it if you guys can answer my question.... that's all for now,thank you

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  • Mister luke m

    a little about myself

    January 15, 2014 by Mister luke m


    i am luke meulmeester and 15 years old. i come from the netherlands and my english issend very good. but i love to watch anime and play there games. anime that i have watched are inazuma eleven ginga e kickoff pokemon and i am pland to watch a lott more.

    so now you now al little bit more about me i hope we can chat or something

    gr luke

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  • Zartylje


    May 23, 2013 by Zartylje

    Because my internet connection is starting to die for good, I will no more come here nearly as often that I used to. That's why I put stub marks in the short articles who need expanding, so that the possible new contributors would know where to start.

    Anyone is welcomed to add those, just put into teh page that needs expansion. Just remember that the article needs to have these contitions:

    • It lacks information. Pages that are short but have all the info there is, are not stubs. For example: Oota Suzu
    • It is short. Pages who lack info, but are long are not stubs either. For example: Furuya Kota

    When you think that the article is ready, feel free to remove the stub template and category.

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  • RebornElectrophoenix

    Ok so I was looking through the characters on the wiki and looked at the categories and it kinda seems a bit mixed up.

    I think that they should be labelled as follows: Character,Male/Female,Any team that they were on,positons and finally if they were a coach at any time.

    I'll make these changes now but if I miss any then feel free to change them.

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  • Zartylje


    April 9, 2013 by Zartylje
    • Members of Sekai Senbatsu should have their real names
      • Those people that translate GeK  to English also use them.
        • And because this is an English wiki it should take that seriously
    • Is the name "Sekai Senbatsu" correct? They didn't seem have any "proper" name, at least I didn't notice it.
    • Every character page should have only one position category
      • If they have too many, it fights against its cause
      • So, only that position what is the persons main place should remain.
    • Real life player should not have their clubs told in the article.
      • Because they will change, and I think that nobody has time to change them every time it happens
      • Links to the Wikipedia should be enough

    I'm maybe going to uptade this, if I remember some other things.

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  • RebornElectrophoenix

    A little mystery

    February 11, 2013 by RebornElectrophoenix

    Ok so I've been putting the teams that particapated in the Future Cup but I'm at an impass. I can't find where the teams regions are from. I was able to find a few from a map of japan but I'm now stuck and can't proceed. If anyone can help let me know please.

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  • Zartylje

    I know that there is still lot to do, but here is a little improvement in the characters pages.

    Be sure to read my explanations at the end of the blog.

    Uematsu Tarou is a sixth-grader and forward of the Momoyama Predators.

    Uematsu has quite long brown hair and light brown eyes. He wears glasses and for casual clothes a red jacket and blue jeans. When playing, he take off his glasses.

    Uematsu is strong willed and don't want to lose with the Furuyas. He is always annoyed when people misjudge him as bookworm (because his glasses) and said that actually he looks up to strong people.

    He even complain to Ryuuji about his aim for an own goal. Saying that an own goal isn't interesting and challenges him to score with his own shoot.

    In Episode 1 he quit s…

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  • RebornElectrophoenix

    Just something I've noticed but nearly every page is riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes. I was just wondering should I clean up everything I see? As I seem to be the only full english speaker on the wiki.

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  • Nikazemaru

    Will end soon??

    December 29, 2012 by Nikazemaru

    Hello, just want to ask your opinion! Hope you don't mind to write your opinion.

    Long time ago, I'm already curious about this. Since the first time, MAL (My Anime List) write that Ginga e Kickoff will end in episode 39. At first I'm not really believe it... But, after I look at the official site, I found that the list for episodes is a bit odd. It listed : Episode 1-10, Episode 11-20, Episode 21-30, and Episode 31-39.

    So, what do you think?

    Well, it's pretty depressing if this anime really will end soon... I really hope it will be a bit longer~

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  • RebornElectrophoenix

    Hi all. I was just wondering who's your favourite character and why? Mine is either Aoto or Ryuuji.

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  • Zartylje

    So I am a admin now. YEAAA. Ahem here is some improvents I am planning to do/ have done. Suggestions or opinions are welcome.

    I think it's terrible, but I haven't found any better yet. Suggestions?


    Current one isn't the final, I just bored watching the old pic. Going to change it soon

    I don't think this wiki needs those. Ginga e Kickoff universe isn't so big as... well like Inazuma Eleven's, so Badges would just make people (like me, lol) do some unnecessary edits.


    Badges have been enabled 6.12.2012. I added them while hoping that it would attract new contributors, since it's soo dead here. Unnecessary edits can always be undone.

    Well, I haven't never been at the same time in this wiki as some other edit making user. If this becomes mo…

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