Episode 1
Air date 3.4.2012 (BS Premium)

7.4.2012 (General)

Written by  ?
Directed by Kōnosuke Uda
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Encounter (出会い, Deai) is the first episode in Ginga e Kickoff anime.


The episode starts when Momoyama Kinzou tells Oota Shou that his team, the Momoyama
Shou and Zach playing

Shou and Zach playing

Predators, has been disbanded, because of a lack of members. Shou doesn't get upset about it and starts to look for new members. Later he meets Takatou Erika and asks that if he can practice with her. After Shou had played against her dog Zach, Erika agreed to do so.

After their practice, Shou remembered that he needed players for his team and asked Erika to join. At first Erika said no, but when he saw how Aoto was practicing and heard that Shou's team had won against his team, she agreed to come to watch the Predators practice.

The day after, when Shou introtuced Erika to Kinzou, Kinzou told Erika that the Predators had been disabanded and girls can't play soccer. Angry from that, Erika asked Shou to practice with her again today. When they were going to practice they

Shou stealing the ball

Shou stealing the ball from Shimizu

notice that a woman was training in the same park. Erika recognized that she is Shimizu Misaki, a famous soccer player. Shou asked Misaki to have a mini-game with them, which she agreed to.

They soon saw how much of an incredible soccer player she really is after she completely dominates the two of them. Just before the end, Shou finally managed to score thanks to his hard concentration.

After their match, Shou asked Misaki to be their new coach, but she declined because she is still an active player. She encouraged them to find their own coach and that they will find the right one.





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