Suguro Special
Episode 10
Air date 5.6.2012 (BS Premium)

9.6.2012 (General)

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Suguro Special (須黒スペシャル, Suguro supesharu) is for episode 10 in Ginga e Kickoff anime series.


The Momoyama Predators match against Tsubakimori SC is starting. Momoyama gets quickly an advantage, but with Suguro's fierce defence the ball goes out of bounds and Momoyama gets an corner kick. But again with Suguro's defence Tsubakimori counter attacks.

With their tactics called Suguro Special, Suguro scores the first goal. Suguro acts the whole first half as defender and forward so Momoyama doesn't get many scoring chances. After a while Tsubakimori uses Suguro
Episode 10-1

Shou's mistake

Special again and Tsubakimori's forward gets change to heading. Shou manages to clear it but at the same time his elbow hits opponets head. Shou gets an yellow card and Tsubakimori gets an penalty kick. Suguro easily scores their second goal. Shou loses his confidence due yellow card and gives bad orders as a captain and Momoyama's plays starts to fall apart. But at half time Hanashima asks Shou why is he captain? Ouzou explains that Shou has good field vision and great defensive positioning. Shou recovers after hearing that and Momoyama goes to second half with full power. Immediatly after the start Tsubakimori uses the complete form of Suguro Special and easily rushes trought Predators' defence. Soon after, Suguro gets an change to score, but Shou slided and stole the ball. After that Predators started to counter-attack and with Shou's good instructions, Kota soon got chance to score...


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