Demon Extermination
Episode 13
Air date 26.6.2012 (BS Premium)

30.6.2012 (General)

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Demon Extermination is 13th episode of Ginga e Kickoff series.


The Momoyama Pretadors district quater final match against Koboyashi Soccer Team is coming up. After days of practice everyone gathers around Hanashima to discuss about the up-coming opponent. Shou knows to tell that all the members of Koboyashi practises some kind of martial arts like Judo or Karate. After that Hanashima tells formation of the match. It was nearly identical to last match only change was that Hanashima switched Kota's and Ryuuji's places.

In the evening Aoto was seen practising with Tagi. Aoto kicked ball many times to goalpost because he had seen that famous Argentinian player Diego Maradona had practiced that way. After that Tagi had to leave, and he said that he was sorry that he couldn't stay to the end.

When the match was starting the referee which was same as in the match Momoyama vs Sakuragawa, got angry to Furuyas attitude towards opponents and he decided to be biased for Koboyashi.
Ep 13

Koboyashi controls the whole beginning of first half with their body stength and help from the referee. But after Ouzou and Kota got yellow cards, Momoyama changes forwards and manages to do couple of scoring changes with quick passes. Despite all that the first half ends 0-0.

At the break Hanashima courages Furuyas to play their own kind of soccer. After hearing Kota and Ryuuji changed their hair styles to look like Ouzou's. With that Furuyas managed to score all by themselves with Ryuuji's "own goal". After that referee tries to give Ryuujii an red card but mistakes him to some other Furuya and gives only an yellow card. The match ends 0-3 for Momoyama after Erika and one of the Furuyas scored.





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