Strong Point
Episode 15
Air date 10/07/2012 (BS Premium)

14/07/2012 (General)

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Strong Pointis 15th episode in Ginga e Kickoff series.


With all the misunderstandings cleared with the Furuyas, Hanashima asked the Momoyama Predators,  what were their "strong points". After some discussion, they decided that it would be the Furuyas and the rest of the team should give them all the support in the game what they could give. Practically that meant that the triplets could do nearly anything they wanted.

In the semi- finals of the district tournament, The Predators faced Yosegi. The Furuyas quickly scored and the Predators were dominitating the game completly. Yousegi also managed to score, when their forward got past Reika. The first half ended 8-1. The second half went similiar and when the game ended, the score was 15-2.

Before the beginning of the finals, Reika's mother said to Shou that he should keep her daug
Ep 15-3

Kota slapped Shou

ther away from more trouble. Altough Reika protested, her mother didn't change her mind. Right before the match, Reika apologized to Shou and said that she wouldn't want to be any burden to the team.

In the finals Predators faced Matsuyama Sports Youths. Altough Matsuyama was more powerful than Yousegi, the Predators still took the lead quickly. Matsuyama still managed to score.


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