3U's Desicion
Episode 16
Air date 17.7.2012 (Bs Premium)

21.7.2012 (General)

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3U's desicion is the 16th episode in Ginga e Kickoff series.


Momoyama Predators celebrate the win of the district tourament at Reika's house. That's because Reika's mother wanted to apologize for her overreacting towards Reika's injury at the finals. At the party Hanashima gives to the whole team a three day vacation from practice. Still everybody decides to play football on their own, expect 3U. They said they're going to study for middle school entrance exams.

That didn't work out, because immediately next day they found themselves playing football. 3U decide t
Episode 16.01


o come up with their own special move, similiar to Furuya's Big Tri. They went to library to find some ideas but they didn't find anything. The day after Uematsu gets angry because they haven't got any ideas, because of that Ukishima and Uchimura leave Uematsu alone. Oota sees that and promises to help Uematsu, later also Erika joins them. At the 3U's secret training spot Shou gets an idea of tactics when he saw how the 3U has kicked ball to the wall since they were little. When Uchimura and Uematsu heard that they apperead and made up with Uematsu. When they had mastered their tactics Reverse Tri they challenged Furuyas for a mini game. They lost in the end but Hanashima acknowledges that they have gotten stronger as well as the Furuya's.


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