First Goal
Episode 18
Air date 4.9.2012(BS premium)
8.9.2012 (General)
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First Goal is the 18th episode in Ginga e Kickoff series.


Momoyama Predators had advanced to the city tournament, and when they were watching Yabusawa Eleven's (their next opponent) match, Akira Kaguera came to talk to the Furuyas. He said that he wants to win against them with everything he's got. After handshaking he said that he he will be waiting in the finals.

Yabusawa won their match, which made Hanashima to change Momoyama's formation. He changed Ryuuji's and Kota's places, so Ryuuji could break the Yabusawa's game rhythm with his "own
Reika's challenge

Reika's challenge

goals". When the match starts, Yabusawa quickly turns to offense but with Momoyama's tactics challenge and cover they managed to protect the goal. With their tactics Yoi, Ryuuji manages to score the first goal, altougth it's an own goal. Later Ryuuji scores another "own goal", and because of that Yabusawa's coach decides to man mark Furuyas more tighly. But because of that, almost all Yabusawa's defenders are else where when 3U scores with their tacics Reverse Three. After half time Kota scores two goals and Erika scores one. In extra time the Predaotrs get a corner kick and Ouzou and Ryuuji decide to give Shou a possibility to score his first goal. And that Shou succeed
Shou scoring

Shou scoring

to do. When the match ended, the score was 7-0 for the Predato
Episode 18

After the match Kyouko and Furuya Rin came from watching the Heaven's match against Kiyose Kickers. They told that Heaven had won 6-2 and Aoto had scored all the goals by himself.


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