Episode 19
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Air date 11/09/2012
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The Prodigy Striker or The Genius Striker (天才ストライカー, Tensai Sutoraikā) is the 19th episode in Ginga e Kickoff!! series.


After the match against Yabusawa Eleven the players of the Momoyama Predators saw the Heavens walking. When Kota saw Aoto, he got angry and walked away.

At Shou's home his mother had made an cake to celebrate Shou's first goal. With his sister they talked about how difficult the match against Heaven is going to be.

Shou's Congratulation Cake

Next morning, Furuyas do their morning training. Kota and (especially) Ryuuji complaining about Ouzou unwillingness to practice seriously. Ouzou protested about his brothers that being too fired up in early morning. They had a little talk, after some time Furuyas decided to not use same tactic against Aoto as last year, saying that it cannot be called as 'winning against Aoto'.

To prepare the next match, Kyouko meets Rin to get the video of Aoto's last match that Hanashima asked from him yesterday. Shou, Erika, and Reika are passing by and approach them. Then Rin give Shou another CD that contain the video of Aoto's last match. After that, Erika, Reika, and Shou watch the CD in Shou's home. In another place, Hanashima also start to watch the CD. Hanashima, Reika, Erika, and Shou surprised by Aoto's amazing plays in that match.


Aoto getting past Erika

Finally, it's the time for the Momoyama Predator to face Kawahara International in the semi-finals. They do their best to keep optimistic even though they have no idea about how to stop Aoto. Just after the match started, Aoto immediately runs past all of Momoyama's defenders (even Ouzou) with amazing speed and scores the first goal...


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