Episode 21
Air date 25/09/2012 (Bs Premium)
29/09/2012 (General)
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Teamplay (チームプレー) is the 21st episode of Ginga e Kickoff!! series.


The match against Heaven's is still going on and Momoyama is losing 3-4. Due to Momoyama's formation change they quickly take advantage with Furuya's tactics 'Big Tri'.

After the ball went out of play Ryuuji asked Aoto about why did the Heavens change their goalkeeper since the last one was better than the current one. Aoto begins to think how Tagi quit soccer since his body won't keep up anymore. That causes Aoto's play to fall apart for a while and with the Furuyas three man mark on Aoto, Momoya

Furuyas trying to stop Aoto

ma finally ties the game. After that the Heavens decide to change their tactics from Aoto

Kota playing hard even if in injured state

focused to where everybody takes part in attacking. It works at first but with Erika's brilliant defense Momoyama gets a scoring change. Kota tries to do a header but fails and when he's landing Heaven's defender falls to his leg, causing an injury. Momoyama's play's starts to fall apart when Kota goes to the bench and Heavens scores the leading point quickly. Kota decides to go play even with his injury, he got past Aoto and scores, but with a lot of pain.
Ginga e kickoff

The midway photo during this episode


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