Episode 23
Air date 09/10/2012 (BS Premium)

13/10/2012 (General)

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Team Disbanded (チーム解散) is the 23rd episode of Ginga e Kickoff!! series.


At the beginning of the episode Hanashima was going to quit his job as Momoyama Predators coach. He went to Kinzou Momoyama's office to resign his contract but most members of the Momoyama Predators arrived there and tried to assure him not to quit. Masaru first invoked that he wanted to take responsibility of the events in the city tournament. When Kota said that it was his choice to cointinue playing with his injury not coach's, Masaru claimed that his problem is money and managed to escape. Soon after that Kinzou gets call from The Japan Football Assocalition and he heard that Momoyama Predators had been chochen for the Future Cup which will be held in Spain. Amarillo was also chosen for this cup, what is directed only to the 8 player teams. Assocalition's only term was that Hanashima would be Momoyama's coach. Everbody went to Hanashima's house but he refused. Next day Shou decides to ask Hanashima so many times that he would agree. He, Erika, Ouzou, and Ryuuji keep following Hanashima that trying hard to get a job (and always failed).

Kota convincing Hanashima to come back

In the end, because of Nagabuchi's and Kota's words, Hanashima decided to come back. All people that gathering in Hanashima's apartement were so happy when hearing this. But, the happy atmosphere suddenly disappeared as Kinzou said that they are lacking of members again.


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