Blind Soccer
Episode 24
Air date 16.10.2012 (BS Premium)
20.10.2012 (General)
Written by  ?
Directed by  ?
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Blind Soccer (ブラインドサッカー) is the 24th episode of Ginga e Kickoff!! series.


Aoto and Tagi were watching a soccer game from the television, and Tagi was amazed how one player was able to pass the ball with his back heel without even watching. When Aoto wasn't so exited about that, Tagi found out that Aoto quit the Heaven. He was halted when his phone rang.
Tagi talking to Aoto

Tagi talking to Aoto

On the train the Furuya Triplets, Masaru and Shou were talking about the same match that Aoto and Tagi were watching. All of them were highly impressed and decided to try to make similiar plays themselves. After the train stopped they noticed that they had arrived at the Chiba Thunderbolts' homegrounds. Hanashima tooked them to see his old coach, who introtuced them to Kuribayashi Youhei. The Furuya's and Shou were highly impressed when they saw how Kuribayashi was
Kuribayashi scoring

Kuribayashi scoring

playing soccer without any vision. After his match Kuribayashi explained more about "blind soccer" and suggested that he, Shou and the Furuya's would have blind socer match. But after the Furuya's were not so convinced about the match, Kuribayashi suggested that Furuyas would have match against him with their eyes open. The Furuya's were suprised about that, but they agreed to do it. Even without eyesight, Kuribayashi dribbled easily through the Furuyas and scored with Shou as goalkeeper. All of them were so suprised about it, that they agreed to join the blind soccer match against Kuribayashi's team. Before the match begins he gave them one last piece of advice, which was: use your imagination! Even with that on the mind everybody tried to rely only to the sound and opponent scored many goals before Ouzou suggested a time out.


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