The Promised Ticket
Air date 06/11/2012 (BS Premium)

10/11/2012 (General)

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The Promised Ticket (約束のチケット, yakusoku no chiketto) is the 27th episode of Ginga e Kickoff series.


In this episode, the Momoyama Predators continue their training at Reika's villa. Throughout the whole episode, Erika grows insecure of her soccer skills after watching how her fellow teammates have improved, but she is given advice from Tagi to ask Aoto for help and is encouraged by Reika along the way. Near the end of the episode, Tagi informs the others that the current day was Aoto's birthday. Erika, as a result, then tries to make a cake that results in it being burnt; later, the three (Shou,Reika,and Erika) come up with an alternative gift, which was a decorated card that everyone signed promising to take Aoto to Spain. The episode ends with Erika finally asking Aoto for help and advice, and everyone watching a fireworks display hosted in the neighboring town from the villa.


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