Speed Star
Episode 2
Air date 10.4.2012 (BS Premium)

14.4.2012 (General)

Directed by Kônosuke Uda
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Speed Star (スピードスター, Supīdosutā) is the second episode on Ginga e Kickoff series.


Still thinking about yesterday, and what Shimizu said to him and Erika, Shou sits quietly on his chair in the classroom. Before the lesson started, their teatcher told that a new student had been transferred to their school. That student turned out to be Erika.

Erika didn't want to cause any weird rumours and instead of Shou, she asked Saionji Reika, who sat next to her, to show her around the school. While wand
Episode 2-01

Erika's introduction

ering around the school, Erika befriended Reika. After some time,Shou found them and told that he had called Misaki and she invited both Shou and Erika to watch her team practise. Erika agreed happily to go there.

When they arrived at the grounds, Misaki came to say hello to them. She also told that maybe they could take part in the practise. When Erika saw how good Misaki's team played in the mini-game, she begun to wonder could she really be able to reach their level.

After the firs
Episode 2-02
t mini-game, Erika and Shou got changed to play in a game between Girasol and Cosmos. At first Girasols controlled the game but the Cosmos tied the game, with the help of Shou's instructions and Erika's speedy dribbling.

After the practice match had ended Misaki encouraged Erika to level-up even more. She also told that it wasn't that bad playing with boys, since she was just a grade schooler.

When they are leaving they notice that a boy is staring at them. The boy comes over and talks to Shou and is introduced as Kageura Akira, last years MVP and the Emperor. He asks Shou where the Furuyas are since he hasn't played against them yet.
Episode 2-03

The Demon Triplets

On the way home Erika asked Shou who the Furuyas are. Shou tells her about them and Erika gets an idea of scouting them for their new team. They both go to their house but are revealed to be in the park. The Furuya's are seen practicing tennis until Shou and Erika arrive. Due to their personalities Erika angrily kicks a ball at them but it is blocked easily by Ouzou and kicked back stronger by Kota.





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