Despair and Hope
Episode 31
Air date 11/12/2012 (BS Premium)

15/12/2012 (General)

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Despair and Hope is the 31th episode of the Ginga e Kickoff anime.


The Predators match against Amarillo had just started and they still were suprised about Kageura's quick opening goal. They still decided to try and enjoy the game.

It was soon revealed that Amarillo had gathered data about the Predators' players and their playing styles. With knowing that Predators weaker side was right and Kota's only proper weakness was his defence, Amarillo easily made chances but Tagi managed to clear them. Kota was frustrated about that an
Ep31 01

Kageura protecting the goal

d when Reika succeeded to break trought Amarillo's defence, Kota held the ball too long and missed his chance to score. After that Kageura warned Ouzou that the Predators' tactics don't work against Amarillo.

The Predators still tried to attack using Build, It didn't work and Amarillo launched their counter-attack. Ouzou tried to challenge Kageura for a 1v1, but Kageura did't take any risks and with help from other player from Amarillo, he passed Ouzou. Kageura centered and Amarillo's #9 scored the 2nd goal.

Altough Shou got concerned about that their tactics didn't work, he still told the triplets to use Big Tri. Amarillo easily broke trough that and counter-attacked quickly. The Predators managed to stop that attack with Reika's defence. They tried to attack again but Amarillo's defence was too tight and the Predators were pushed back. They started their attack again and even got change tó score, but Aoto's shot hit the goalpost. Still, Reika had a chance to score, thanks to her excellent position but Kageura slide tackled her and took the ball. Amarillo quickly attacked but Tagi managed to block it.

The first half ended with Amarillo dominating 2-0. At half time the Predators were concerned about Amarillo's power. Reika encouraged the ot
Predators attacking pattern

Predators' attacking pattern

hers by telling what Shimizu had said to her: "Don't worry about your opponents too much, they are still humans just like you." After hearing that they realized that they were too concered about Amarillo. Hanashima also told that it seemed that Amarillo seemed to have just one attacking pattern.

Just before beginnig of the second half, they started to discuss about their last attack which nearly ended scoring. They noticed that it resembled a combinitation of Big Tri and Small Tri. They decided to use it in the second half. They also trusted more responsibility to Reika, because she had been so succesful in the first half.


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