Episode 5
Air date 01/05/2012 (BS premium)


Written by  ?
Directed by  ?
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Coach (コーチ, Kōchi) is the fiftth episode in Ginga e Kickoff series.


Still impressed about Hanashima's skills, Shou and Erika decide to ask him to be the Momoyama Predators new coach. They went to his house but Hanashima refused to join, saying that he was too drunk, so he don't remember a thing. That still maked him remember his days as professional player and when Kyouko comed to his place he went for "a post-meal exercise". After some jogging he arrived to an football field and decited to try his skills. He succesfully dribbled past his imagination opponents, but when his shot hit the goal post he rememberd how Kuribayashi Youhei was injured and stopped.

At the same time Ryuuji had gathered some information about Hanashima and shared it with Shou and Erika. Everybody were highly impressed about his past and Ryuuji suggested a plot to get Masaru join.
Ep5 1

Everyone playing

Shou and Erika found Masaru sitting in the park and told them that they had challenged triplets for a mini-game. If they would able to beat Furuyas, they would join Predators. Shou and Erika needed Masaru's skills to win. Masaru agreed after Furuyas were taunted him by calling him "old man". Game's purpose was to show everyone's best skills to Masaru so he would join Predators. That suceeded and after Hanashima was kicked the ball far out of bonds, the game ended. They asked Masaru again to be their coach, but Masaru revealed more about his past with Youhei, which maked everbody to suspect that it would work.

When Kyouko returned to Hanashima's place she found Shou sleeping in front of the door. After waking up Shou managed to convince her to his side. Next day Shou followed Masaru everywhere with help from Kyouko's
Kyouko's secret plan

Kyoko's secret plan

smartphone app. Chasing continued day after too, altough without Kyouko's help, since Masaru had gived him a speech about his reasons. Shou just followed Masaru around and by the time, Erika and Furuyas joined to the chase.

In the evening, they had been chased Masaru to the riverbank. Masaru finally agreed to become Momoyama Predators coach, and everyone set their goal to "the number one in the galaxy".


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