The 11th Player
Episode 6
Air date 8.5.2012 (BS Premium)
12.5.2012 (General)
Directed by Kônosuke Uda
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The 11th Player (11番目の選手, 11-banme no senshu) is the sixth episode in Ginga e Kickoff series.


When Masaru finally agreed to become the Momoyama Predator's coach, they went to Momoyama Kinzou's office to formalise his position. At first Kinzou was a little suspicous because he recognized him as that drunk who was often watching Predators' practice. But after hearing his background he agreed happily.

After that Shou and Erika went to scout players. 3U agreed easily, also Kubota and Tanaka were moved from the fifth-graders team to Momoyama. After that they lacked only one player. Reika hestitated for a long time but was able to gather enough courage to join. Although the Furuyas, especially Kota, were frustrated about Reika's light attitude towards football, they learned to withstand it.

When Momoyama had enougth members they signed to the district tournament and in a draw they placed to block B group 2. When the Predators left the hall, they noticed that Aoto and Kageura were standing outside.




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