The Three Tactics
Episode 7
Air date 15.5.2012 (BS Premium)

19.5.2012 (General)

Written by  ?
Directed by Kōnosuke Uda
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The Three Tactics (3つの戦術, 3-tsu no senjutsu) is the seventh episode in Ginga e Kickoff series.


Knowing that their first opponent in district tournament will be West Sakuragawa Challengers, The Predators were going to go practice, but when they were leaving the hall where the ceremony was held, they noticed that Kageura and Aoto were waiting for them at the entrance. They both said that they were cheering Predators on during the district tournament. After that Kota became angry because he remembered how he had lost to Aoto in their personal match up. Aoto had scored more goals than Kota in their last match.

When they all had gone to their homes, also Reika went to hers and met her mother and her housekeeper. Because Reika's mother didn't know about her daugthers football hobby, so she just
Ep 7-1

Reika and Furuyas

asked about Reika's piano lessons. Matsuhima helped Reika to cover up her story and no big scene was caused.

Next day everyone exept Reika practised their three tactics: Yoi, Build and Big Tri, which Hanashina had taught to them a little earlier. Reika had to do a extra running practise because she wasn't in so good condition as the rest of the players.


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