Episode 8
Air date 22.5.2012 (BS Premium)
26.5.2012 (General)
Written by  ?
Directed by  ?
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Kickoff!! (キックオフ!!, Kikkuofu!!) is the 8th episode in Ginga e Kickoff series.


The Momoyama Predators first match was against West Sakuragawa Challengers, when the Predators got onto the pitch they saw Sakuragawa were practising. They soon saw that they weren't very good. Before the match started, Masaru to
Ep 8-1

Dango soccer

ld them their positions. The only suprise was that he had swapped Ryuuji's and Kota's positions. That angered the triplets and when Masaru said that they could do whatever they wanted, the triplets marched onto the pitch without taking part in forming the circle. The Predators still decided not to use their tactics Build, Big Tri or Change because the players of Tsubakimori SC were watching.

When the match started, the Furuyas quickly showed that they were still angry about their positions and started playing only by themselves. They scored the first goal by themselves but according to the other players of thr Predators, it was selfish play. After that the Furuyas' still continued playing selfishly and as Rin said it quickly turned into Dango soccer.

Sakuragawa equalized after the ball was reflected from one of the players of Sakuragawa and because nearly all the players of Predators were attacking they got past Reika and scored.The Predators still scored a 2nd goal with Ryuuji's own goal. At half time, Masaru refused to give any further instructions and said that they should come up with the answer by themselves.




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