Episode 9
Air date 29.5.2012 (BS Premium)

2.6.2012 (General)

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Breaktrougth is the 9th episode in Ginga e Kickoff series.


The second half in the match between Momoyama Predators and West Sakuragawa Chalengers had just been started and Momoyama were leading 2-0. The Furuyas still continued playing selfishly and the Predators offense was nearly entirely sealed out. The Predators get to the game, when Shou started to give some good instructions. Ouzou was first one of the triplets, who started passing to other than his siblings. When predators got their team-work wo


rking goals came raining down. The match ended 9-1 for the Predators.

After the match, everyone gathered around to have a little picnic. When they were at it they started talking about how fun playing soccer is. Hanashima also said that he would use same formation in the next game. That angered Kota.

After eating, everybody but the Furuyas went watching the matc
Ep 9.2
h between Tsubakimori SC and Ootani FC. When they got there, Shou noticed that also Reika was missing. He went looking for her and after hearing Ryuuji that Kota went practising alone, he panicked and thought that Kota was avenging to Reika that he wasn't selected as forward. Shou was looking everywhere, but didn't find them anywhere, until a player from Sakuragawa told him that he had seen Kota not so far away. Shou rushed there and stopped Kota just before he was dribbling towards Reika. Reika soon cleared Shou's misunderstanding, and told that she had asked Kota to train her. Shou was first embarrassed, but soon got over that and started practising with them.

When they joined the others, they managed to see how Suguro finished his hat trick. The match ended for Tsubakimori 5-0.


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