Hanashima Masaru
Vital statistics
JP Name 花島 勝
Gender Male
Position Coach
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Seiyuu Koyama Rikiya
Debut Episode 1
Hanashima Masaru is the coach of the Momoyama Predators.


Masaru was player of the Chiba Thunderbolts, and was known as Lightning Light because of his powerful right foot shot. He was going to play in the J-league, but got an injury and retired from soccer. He started coaching the Chiba Thunderbolts' kids team, but after he put too much burden on Kuribayashi Youhei who injured to his eyes, Masaru refused to play or coach anymore.


Masaru is tall and he has black hair and blue eyes. He usually wears a grey suit, but when coaching he wears a white jacket and trousers, he also wears a black shirt.


When he was first seen, Hanashima was still traumatized about Kuribayashi's fate and spend his days only wasting time. Now, he seems to have gotten over it.

When he joined the Predators he changed his coaching style from strict and order-giving to quiet and space-giving. He commented that to Kyouko that the players have to learn themselves.

Many people have described Hanashima as extremely stubborn and that has shown many times like when Shou tried to get him join Predators or after Kota had injured his leg.


Masaru first apperead in Episode 1, when he was drunk and lying on the park bench when Shou, Erika and Zach were playing soccer. Later he teaches Shou to do proper heading. That made a big impression on Shou and after he had seen Masaru's shoot in the mini-game against the Furuyas, he was sure that Masaru would be the perfect coach for the Predators. With the Furuyas agreeing they started to persuade him. Masaru was unwilling at first but after Shou's countless and restless tries, he finally agreed to do it.

District Tournament

At the first round of district tournamentent, Masaru changed the Predators fomation, so that Ryuuji's and Kota's positions were swapped. That angered the triplets and destroyed the Predators' team-play.  Masaru refused to change the formation, saying that they should think for the answer themselves.

City Tournament

Before the Future Cup

After Predators had lost to Amarillo, Hanashima decided to leave his position as their coach, because he was blaming himself about Kota's injury. Shou and other tried to stop him but Hanashima kept his head and tried to get a new job.

Future Cup

In Spain


He continued coaching Predators six grader team. Despite that they had lost against Heaven in the city tournament.

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