Kageura Akira
Vital statistics
JP Name 景浦 晶
Gender Male
Position Forward
Number 10
Seiyuu Maeno Tomoaki
Debut Episode 2
Kageura Akira is forward and captain of New Tokyo FC Amarillo.


Kaguera has short black hair and light brown eyes. He is also very tall and athletic for his age.


Kaguera has a very cold and reserved personality. He says that he remembers everything he has once seen but forgets anything that he deems to be uninteresting.


Kageura first appeared at the end of episode 2, when he recognized Shou and asked where the "Triplet Demons" are, since he wanted to play against them. Later, before the Predators match against Heaven, He offered his help to the Furuyas but they declined. At the finals of the city tournament his team beat the Predators easily 6-1, which Akira was really disapointed.

Later, his team entered the Future Cup. He appeared before the final of the Future Cup, when he was giving an interview. When he noticed the Momoyama Predators, he asked Aoto why he had joined such a weak team, since his skills could make him a regular in Amarillo. After Aoto had walked away without properly answering his question Kageura, noticed the Furuyas, altough he said that he didn't remember them.

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