Kubota Shunya
Vital statistics
JP Name 久保田俊也
Gender Male
Position Goalkeeper
Number 1
Seiyuu Horii Chado
Debut Episode 6
Kubota Shunya is a 5th grader and goalkeeper of the Momoyama Predators.


Kubota has dark brown hair, which points a little to the right. He has a big nose and dark blue eyes. He is also quite tall.


He and Tanaka Jun played in Momoyma Predators last year, but when Predators was disabanded they moved back to fifth-graders team. After that they were selected to the district training center, where they improved their skills.


In sixth graders team

Kubota first apperead in Episode 6 when he got moved with Tanaka from fifth-graders team to Momoyama Predators. With Tanaka he got angry to Furuyas, because of their attitude towards their youngers. But with help from Shou he got along with rest of the team. He played in Momoyama at all of their matches, until after losing against Amarillo he was needed again in his old team.


Year later, he and Momoyama Predators took part in the City Tournament, but lost against Kawahara International Heaven.

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