Kuribayashi Youhei
Kuribayashi Youhei
Vital statistics
JP Name 栗林 陽平
Gender Male
Position Forward
Number 10
Seiyuu Naitou Taiki
Debut Episode 14
Kuribayashi Youhei is a character in Ginga e Kickoff series.


Kuribayashi is tall and he has short brown hair. His eyes are brown but since he is nearly blind, they are somewhat blurry.


Kuribayashi was a player of Hanashima Masaru's old team but he injured his eyes, which made him nearly blind.


He was first seen in episode 14, when Masaru was watching his team's practice. When Masaru was going away, Kuribayashi stopped him and told him that he was glad that Masaru didn't quit soccer.

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