Vital statistics
JP Name 杏子
Gender Female
Position Assistant Coach
Number None
Seiyuu Tanaka Rie
Debut Episode 4
Kyouko is Hanashima Masaru's lover. She joined Momoyama Predators as assistant coach.


Kyouko is a cheerful woman. She is always cheering for the Momoyama Predator and assists Hanashima when taking care of them.


Kyouko has brown hair and purple eyes.


Kyouko first apperead when she came to get Masaru after he helped Shou to do a proper header. Later, after Masaru had fallen asleep in the mini-game against the Furuyas, Kyouko helped to drag him to his home. When she heard that Shou was trying to get him to join their team as coach, she said that she doesn't believe that will happen. Although on the next day, she decided to help Shou after seeing how hard working he is. With her smart-phone app, she told Shou where Masaru was, even then when he tried to run away.

After the Predators had re-established with Masaru as their coach, Kyouko was seen watching their games many times.


  • According the official site, she is a professional badminton player. She was elected to be one of Olympic's athletes.
  • Many website about anime characters database write her name as 'Anzu', not 'Kyouko'.
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