Volume 01

Cover of the first volume

Ginga e Kickoff's manga version was published from April 4, 2012 to August 4, 2013 and it ran for four volumes[1]. It was illustrated by Wakamatsu Hiroshi, written by Kawabata Hiroto and serialized by Saikyou Jump magazine[2].


Oota Shou, a sixth grader and a terrible soccer player, hears that his soccer team the 'Momoyama Predators' are going to be disbanded because they lack members. Soon after that, he meets Takatou Erika who is playing soccer with her dog, Zach, in a park. Shou ask Erika to play in his team. Together they start gathering players for an upcoming tournament in order that they would become the best in the Galaxy.

Differences to anime

Manga follows the same storyline as the anime, but there are some small differences in details, such as Erika's hair colour and that Tagi didn't quit Heavens in the first place.

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