Momoyama Dandelions
Vital statistics
Wins 2
Losses 0
Coach None
Momoyama Dandelions is a team in Ginga e Kickoff.


They get the name 'Momoyama Dandelions' from Shou's team 'Momoyama' and 'Dandelions' from the name of Erika old team, Namba Dandelions. The motto is 'a flower that born in wild nature with lion's heart'.


Momoyama Dandelions vs Middle School team

Dandelions won 12-0 due their tactics where they use quick passes.

Momoyama Dandelions vs Cosmos

Dandelions easily win 8-0. Shocked they can't score back, Cosmos asks Girasol to replace them and continue the match.

Momoyama Dandelions vs Girasol

After replacing Cosmos and continuing the match for them, Girasol manage to score 4 times. But, Dandelions score back 4 times. So, the score was 12-4 for Dandelions. In the end, the match was stopped by Misaki Shimizu.

Momoyama Dandelions vs Rose

Dandelions scored their only goal when the Furuyas changed their hair styles similiar to Kota. Despite that they lost 8-1.


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