Kinzou Momoya

Momoyama Kinzou
Vital statistics
JP Name 桃山金造
Gender Male
Position None
Number None
Seiyuu Koutarou Nakamura
Debut Episode 1

Momoyama Kinzou is the manager and owner of Momoyama Predators.


Kinzou's and Genji's rivarly is said to have begun when they fell in love with the same girl.


Kinzou has short grey hair and mustache, he also has black eyes. He is quite stocky and he wears green jacket, white shirt and blue jeans.


Altough being quite old, he's very childlish and gets angry easily, if he is provoked.


He first appeared in episode 1, when he told to Shou that his team, Momoyama Predators, had been disbanded. When Shou tried to get Erika join, Kinzou told her that even if Predators would still be active, she could not join since she is girl. Later he acceped to revieve Predators, since Hanashima agreed to become coach and triplets rejoined the team. He watched all Predators matches in District tournament. In the match against Tsubakimori SC, he had a big skrimish with Tsubakimori Genji.

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