Momoyama Predators
Momoyama Predators
Vital statistics
Wins 15
Losses 2
Coach Hanashima Masaru (6th grade)

Momoyama Predators (桃山プレデター, Momoyama puredetā) is a team in Ginga e Kickoff!! anime.


Momoyama Predators made their debut in Episode 1, when the sixth grade team were about to be disbanded. The reason for this was, that they didn't have enough members. The only one who stayed was Oota Shou who started to gather players again. When about to have a practice match against New Tokyo FC Rose, it was renamed to Momoyama Dandelions. But after they got coach Hanashima Masaru they changed their name back to Momoyama Predators. In Episode 6 the sixth grade team gathered full eleven members and signed to the district tournament.

The Momoyama Predators is built by Momoyama Kinzou under Momoyama Real Estate Company. They consist of many teams according to the members grade and each of the teams have their own coach.


Momoyama Predators uniform consists of a red and black striped jersey with the predators emblem on it and white shorts. The goalkeeper's uniform has a yellow jersey and green shorts.


Fifth Grade Team


  • Unnamed Coach

Sixth Grade Team

Former Members


Future- and Galaxia Cup Team