Shimizu Misaki
Vital statistics
JP Name 志水 ミサキ
Gender Female
Position Midfielder
Number 10
Seiyuu Houko Kuwashima
Debut Episode 1

Shimizu Misaki is a player of New Tokyo FC Rose in the Ginga e Kickoff!! anime.


Misaki was a founder of the Namba Dandelions. She got injured though and was unable to play in the Japan's national team.She recovered from her injury and had chance to play soccer as pro.


Misaki has long brown, which she ties up in a ponytail. She has purple eyes and she is quite tall.


Mizuki first appeared in Episode 1 when she was training in park. Shou asked her to have a mini-game with him and Erika which she agreed to do. Mizuki was dominating the game but when Shou managed to steal the ball from her, she was suprised. Shou asked her to be coach of his team but she declined because she is still an active player.

Later on in Episode 2 she invited Oota and Erika to join her team practice. After the practice game she encouraged Erika to level-up and Shou to gather members to his team.

In Episode 3 she was suprised at the Triplet Demons's skills and she had match against them and the Momoyama Dendelions. Her team dominated the game but when the triplets scored a goal she was once again suprised. After the match she said that her team lost although they won 8-1. She encouraged Shou to set up his soccer team again. Misaki also said to Erika that it's okay to play football with boys, because she is still sixth grader.

She appeared again in Episode 17 when Shou, Erika, and Reika came to greet her. She watched when they played a mini-game and was happy because they had improved. Afterwards she encouraged Reika to be more confident.

When the Momoyama Predators played against Amarillo in the Future Cup's finals, Misaki was watching it from the stands. After Amarillo had lost, Misaki helped Kaguera to overcome it saying that he would become stronger after feeling defeat.

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