Sugiyama Tagi
Vital statistics
JP Name 杉山多義
Gender Male
Position Goalkeeper
Number 1
Seiyuu Ikeda Kyousuke
Family {{{Family}}}
Debut Episode 13
Sugiyama Tagi is Aoto's best friend and currently the goalkeeper for the Momoyama Predators.


Tagi was the goalkeeper for Heaven. Feeling that he can't keep up with the rapid increase of skill from other members, he resigned and joined a basketball team.


Tagi is very tall for his age (175 cm). He has dark skin, lime-green eyes and short-curly hair.


Tagi was first seen with Aoto, but he had to leave in middle of their practice. Afterwards he was watching He
Tagi's stats

Tagi's stats

aven's match against Momoyama Predators. After Heaven had lost, he said that he was sorry when he couldn't help Aoto to win.

After the end of the city tournament, he was watching a football match on TV with Aoto. Aoto revealed to him that he quit Heaven after their loss against the Predators. Tagi was protesting against it, but in middle of that, Erika called and asked Aoto to go out with her. And then revealed that she actually wanted to ask him to join Predators.


  • He is born from Japanese and Arabic parents
  • In the manga, Tagi didn't quit playing soccer and still played with the Heavens.
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