Vital statistics
JP Name 須黒
Gender Male
Position Forward
Number 4
Seiyuu Mito Kōzō
Debut Episode 4
Suguro a character in Ginga e Kickoff series.


Suguro has a large bulid for his age and he has short black hair. He also has brown eyes and a big nose. For casual clothes, he wears a black hoodie and green shorts. When he is playing soccer, he wears the standard Tsubakimori uniform with a blue captain mark.


Suguro is a kind of player, who can turn his emotions into strength. He has a strong rivalry against Furuya triplets altough he isn't as skilled as them.


Suguro first appeared in Episode 4 when he was going to challenge Furuya's for a mini game. But, after his friends run away in fear, he decided to play with Shou and Erika against the Triplet Demons.

In episode 8, he is seen watching the Predators match against Sakuragawa Challengers. He was disappointed when he saw their terrible teamwork.

In the second round of the district tournament, he and his team faced off against the Momoyama Predators and Suguro scored two goals in the first half. Altough the Predators won in the end, Suguro swore that he would beat the Furuyas in middle school.

Later he joined a futsal team, so he could develop his skills further before his next chance to play against the Furuyas. He played in a futsal game, where nearly all players of the new Momoyama Predators participated.

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