Ukishima Yuuto
Ukishima Yuuto
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Position Goalkeeper, Defender
Number 5
Seiyuu Suguru Inoue
Debut Episode 3
Ukishisma Yuuto is an ex-defender of Momoyama Predators.


Ukishima is a very relaxed person and he almost never gets aggresive. He is a huge fan of ninjas.


In Dandelions

Before beginning of the Episode 1 he had quitted Momoyama Predators, because he wanted to study for the middle school entrance exams. Later on Episode 3 he joined Momoyama Dandelions as a goalkeeper. After the match against Rose he quit soccer again, reffering to the up-coming exams. But after the Furuyas and Masaru joined the Predators he (along with the rest of the 3U) joined them again.

District tournament

After Hanashima joined Predators as coach 3U joined again into the team. He played in all of the Predators matches in the District tournament.

City tournament

Before the beginning of the City tournament, 3U begun to think how they could be more help for the team and started to create their own "tactics". When it didn't work out and Uematsu pressed the others too much, Uchimura and Ukishima leaved him alone. With help from Shou, Uematsu still managed to clear their misunderstandings. When they remembered how they had been training soccer kicking it to the wall, they created new tactic: "Reverse three".

3U used Reverse three in matches against Yabusawa and Heaven, and Predators moved to the finals, where they faced New Tokyo FC Amarillo. Although Predators scored the first goal, Amarillo soon gained the control of the game and won Predators 6-1.

After their loss 3U had to quit Predators, since they had promised to their parents that they would read to the entrance exams.

Future Cup

3U apperead again in before the finals of the Future cup. They told that they had been watching Predators games and supporting them. Afterwads 3U were watching the match between Predators and Amarillo.


Ukishima was seen carrying a goal with Uchimura so it seems that he continued playing soccer in the middle school.


  • He along with his friends Uematsu and Uchimura were given the name 3U as all of their last names began with the letter U.
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