So I am a admin now. YEAAA. Ahem here is some improvents I am planning to do/ have done. Suggestions or opinions are welcome.

Background Picture

I think it's terrible, but I haven't found any better yet. Suggestions?


Current one isn't the final, I just bored watching the old pic. Going to change it soon


I don't think this wiki needs those. Ginga e Kickoff universe isn't so big as... well like Inazuma Eleven's, so Badges would just make people (like me, lol) do some unnecessary edits.


Badges have been enabled 6.12.2012. I added them while hoping that it would attract new contributors, since it's soo dead here. Unnecessary edits can always be undone.


Well, I haven't never been at the same time in this wiki as some other edit making user. If this becomes more popular and/or people wants it, I will add it.


Whatever, I have added it. Let's see how it goes. If somebody wants to be chat moderator contact me.

EDIT v2:

Come to think of it, no need for Moderadors yet. Maybe later.


Ideas are always welcome. Current one is too simple and I know it, I just couldn't think anything better.

Like I said before: suggestions would be great, especially for the background pic. Also no hurry.

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