Just some things what I have been thinking:

  • Members of Sekai Senbatsu should have their real names
    • Those people that translate GeK  to English also use them.
      • And because this is an English wiki it should take that seriously
  • Is the name "Sekai Senbatsu" correct? They didn't seem have any "proper" name, at least I didn't notice it.
  • Every character page should have only one position category
    • If they have too many, it fights against its cause
    • So, only that position what is the persons main place should remain.
  • Real life player should not have their clubs told in the article.
    • Because they will change, and I think that nobody has time to change them every time it happens
    • Links to the Wikipedia should be enough

I'm maybe going to uptade this, if I remember some other things.

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