West Sakuragawa Challengers
West Sagurakawa Challengers
Vital statistics
Wins 0
Losses 1
Coach Unknown
West Sakuragawa Challengers is a team in Ginga e Kickoff anime series.


Sakuragawa Challengers uniform consists of a white jersey which has big pink stripes. The shorts are white. The goalkeeper uniform is an orange jersey and black shorts.


Saguragawa Vs Momoyama Predators

West Sakuragawa Challengers played against Momoyama Predators in the first round of the district preliminers. Their tactic was to seal off the Furyuas and after the first half they were tied at 1-1. In the second half Momoyama gets their teamwork working and wins Sakuragawa 9-1.


  • West Sakuragawa Challengers was established just a year ago, so they are still a pretty weak team.
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