Yabusawa Eleven
Vital statistics
Wins 1
Losses 1
Coach Unknown
Yabusawa Eleven is a team in Ginga e Kickoff series.


Hanashima said that they use 4-4-2 orthodox formation, but their side attacks were sharp.


Yabusawa's uniform consists of blue T-shirt and shorts. Both of them have yellow parts on the sides. Captain's mark is white. Goalkeeper's uniform has a grey shirt and black shorts.


Vs Momoyama Predators (last year)

Yabusawa and Predators had a practise match last year. Predators barely won 2-1

Vs Adachiku United

Yabusawa won their first match of the City tournament 3-0.

Vs Momoyama Predators

Predators won Yabusawa 7-0 with using their tactics challenge and cover.

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